Stake Wars Phase 3 Launched

Stake Wars Phase 3 - Harvesting Resources Launched

Key insights from today’s launch call

In a significant development for the Subspace community, the eagerly anticipated Phase 3 of Stake Wars, titled Harvesting Resources, was officially launched today. The community call highlighted several key updates and plans for the future.

  • The call opened with a heartfelt appreciation for the community’s engagement and contributions to Stake Wars’ journey.
  • There was a whole section dedicated to recognizing the superstars we have in our community and our appreciation of their contributions. The team are truly grateful for everything you do for us!
  • Updates on the state of the network were resoundingly positive:
    • The Gemini 3g network showcases its strength with over 8600 nodes and 5PiB space pledged, highlighting the network’s growth and stability.
    • Progress on Nova (our EVM domain Stake Wars is running on) includes 149 registered operators and 311k TSSC staked, with technical updates to enhance network integrity and prevent issues like duplicate registrations and equivocation errors.
  • There was a recap on what Phase 3 and nomination are all about in the wider context of the protocol and Stake Wars.
    • Phase 3 heralds an invitation for nominators to participate without strict rules, fostering a dynamic and innovative environment.
    • The role of nominators was emphasized as being vital for network support, with the opportunity to amplify the success of operators and earn rewards through staking TSSC.
    • We re-iterated our expectation that operators will mount promotional campaigns to encourage nomination. We ask that this activity is kept to the dedicated Discord channel.
  • A cross-section of operators were invited on stage to talk us through their experiences, strategies, setups and journey to running an operator on Subspace. We hope this will be useful to guide potential nominators in their decision-making.
  • How to nominate was explained at both the protocol level with a technical run-through and then in a more approachable way using The Staking Interface.
  • A runtime upgrade was initiated to enable nomination making everything official and we started seeing nomination transactions on the network immediately. The upgrade took place in consensus block 536,563.
  • Finally, there was plenty of time for a robust Q&A session so the team could answer burning questions from both operators and nominators.

The call concluded with a strong message about the importance of community collaboration in shaping a decentralized and inclusive future. Phase 3 of Stake Wars represents a significant step in building a more dynamic and expansive blockchain ecosystem, driven by the active participation of the community. We have our final piece of the decoupled execution puzzle with our nominators on Stake Wars.

If you missed it catch up on YouTube.

Together, let’s shape the future of Stake Wars and blockchain technology!