Stake Wars Update

Important Stake Wars Update

For those of you who have been following along, we announced an exciting, incentivized competition a while ago called Stake Wars. The initiative is designed to test execution and staking as we introduce Subspace execution environments - we call them domains. Stake Wars is planned to start on the next iteration of the network, Gemini 3g which will also be the next phase of our ongoing incentivized testnet. Note that rewards for Stake Wars are separate from those allocated to the ITN. 0.6% of total supply is on the table for Stake Wars as well as experience running an operator which will give those interested an opportunity to sharpen their skills and tweak their infrastructure to allow them to hit the ground running as an operator on mainnet. The motivation to do so would be to earn transaction fees paid for execution. Much like gas on Ethereum.

The original plan was that the participants would be controlled using an allow list. We received some robust feedback from the community on that which we took onboard and have adjusted our mechanics.

Instead the plan now is to invite anyone who is able to farm a minimum stake to join Stake Wars and compete against their peers in an effort to become the biggest operator, earn the most of the prize fund and make a name for themselves amongst the community.

There will be further announcements forthcoming but if being an operator in Stake Wars and/or becoming a genesis operator is something that interests you we strongly recommend you learn the ropes of farming ASAP as you will be responsible for gathering up your minimum stake.

We appreciate this is a bit vague right now and will be filling in the blanks in coming weeks. This announcement is fair warning that those serious about being an operator should pick up the farming skill in the next two weeks to give themselves the best shot at joining Stake Wars.


i’m in :grinning:
where will be the registration?

No registration - it will be permissionless as long as you are able to farm your stake!

what is the minimum stake amount?

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Hey Jim! Thanks for the announcement.
It will be very interesting to test the new farming mechanism :rocket:

This value is to be confirmed.

Great to hear that, we are hoping many community members will participate in Stake Wars. Technically an operator is a new class of network citizen - alongside farmer. Though farmers can, of course, be operators and/or nominators as well.


When will Gemini 3g be launched? When is the mainnet going live?

I think we may also want to setup a designated place for advertising / attracting delegations so that doesn’t become a regular thing in main chat. We should also have operator support channels similar to farmer support I think. @Fradique is probably already planning for this but I wanted to mention just in case.


Hello @jrwashburn

Indeed, operators will have access to dedicated channels and venues to promote and support staking delegations.
We also aim to allocate additional community resources to assist genesis operators.

Hello BenzLeen

This “Wen Subspace” blog covers the road ahead :slight_smile:

Yes, we are considering this at the moment. Initial thoughts are along the lines of:

  • #operators (chat and support)
  • #nominators (chat and support)
  • #operators <> nominators (promotion, p2p support)

Cool. would like to try new mechanism if it is beneficial to mainnet.
Btw, what is the difference between operator and nominator?

Operators run an execution node on one of our domains to earn transaction fees. Nominators are more passive and only need to stake to their favourite operator to earn a portion of their transaction fees.

Does it mean there will only be two roles in mainnet:
Domain Operator and Nominator
Farmer will no longer exist after space race?

Worry not! Farmers will always be there. They are absolutely essential to provide storage and consensus. Without them the protocol would not function.


Looking forward to it. :astonished:

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not gonna miss this for any reason