Stake Wars Phase 2 Launched

Stake Wars Phase 2 - Base Building Launched

Key insights from today’s launch call

Today’s community call was not just another step in our journey; it was a leap towards realizing our collective vision for Stake Wars. Here are the crucial takeaways and their significance in the wider context of our competition:

  • As we transition into Phase 2 - Base Building, a new class of network citizen, operators, have been invited into the mix. The introduction of the operator represents a pivotal evolution in our collective roles. This transition is vital for laying down the operational infrastructure of decoupled execution on our network.
  • A robust recap of our Stake Wars Rules of Engagement ensured everyone is aligned with the behaviors required of and responsibilities imposed on our operators. Essential viewing/reading if you are taking part.
  • Removing the registration allow list and opening up the platform for broader operator participation signals a new phase of inclusivity and growth. This move was crucial for expanding our network’s capabilities and testing its resilience under diverse conditions. It took place in consensus block 334,753.
  • There were technical discussions on epochs, node setup, and the staking interface.
    • Epochs are how our execution environments “tick”. Accounting takes place on each tick including operator registration, stake modification, reward distribution and operator deregistration.
    • Setting up an operator node has some subtle but important differences to running a validator node for farming. We ran through the process of configuring and starting the software.
    • Our staking interface was demonstrated. Note that this tool has been in a cycle of rapid development so even if you saw an earlier run-through, it’s worth checking out the updated features and user journeys.
  • Our emphasis on community engagement, particularly through our Discord channels and Q&A sessions, underscores our commitment to not just building a network, but fostering a supportive ecosystem.
  • Looking forward, we have the upcoming introduction of nominators in Phase 3 which sets the stage for even broader participation. This expansion is crucial for testing the network’s scalability and inclusivity.

Today’s call was a testament to our progress and a blueprint for our future actions. As we delve deeper into Phase 2, let’s remember that each step we take is about more than just technical milestones; it’s about building a legacy in the decentralized world.

If you missed it, catch up here.

Together, let’s shape the future of Stake Wars and blockchain technology!