Stake Wars Endgame Launched

Stake Wars: Celebrating Our Journey and Looking Forward

We wrapped up the incentivized phases of Stake Wars on 2024-01-10 at block 1,040,169, marking our transition into the ‘Endgame.’ In this phase, without the pressure of incentives, operators and nominators have the freedom to experiment with processes and interfaces without any consequences.

Now is a time for reflection and anticipation. This initiative has been a groundbreaking journey, testing a vital component of our network - decoupled execution. This concept, rooted in our original white paper, has proven to be a cornerstone in solving the farmers’ dilemma. It has demonstrated how transaction availability and ordering can be managed by farmers, with the actual execution being efficiently handled by operator nodes.

Gemini 3g block 1,040,169

Highlights and Appreciations

  1. Unwavering Participation: The enthusiasm and engagement from our community have been astounding. We saw over 90 operators register in just the first 5 hours following the whitelist removal, with >100k TSSC staked. There were 439 nominators staking >100k TSSK after 3 days of Phase 3, where we invited nominators to join Stake Wars. This participation continuously grew, showcasing the strength and commitment of our community. Our final stats were nothing short of amazing:

    • 320 operators staking >536k TSSC
    • 1,054 nominators staking >318k TSSC
  2. Community Engagement: Your involvement in this initiative was much more than just participation. The support provided in our channels, especially by members such as Wezl, Kirilusd, youneedme, xorinox, Douceur, Reborn, Jonathan, Shassi, and others, has been invaluable. Their efforts, along with the rest of the community, helped make Stake Wars a collaborative and enriching experience. We extend our thanks to each one of you. An impressive 3,100 messages were clocked up in the Stake Wars channels in Discord during the initiative.

  3. Innovative Contributions: We saw creative initiatives like additional token bonuses, 0% nominator tax, and unique promotional strategies from our operators. Special mentions to Zulkis for the Stake Wars phase 2 countdown timer and Vexr for the welcome bonus offered to nominators. We loved seeing our operators marketing themselves!

  4. Operator and Nominator Roles: This event was more than just about staking – it was a chance to learn. The roles and functions of operators and nominators were explored, enhancing our understanding and capabilities.

  5. Technical and Security Upgrades: Based on your feedback, we’ve tightened up key management and updated logging to identify equivocating operators. These improvements are steps toward a more secure and efficient network.

  6. Looking Ahead – Staking v1.1: We’re excited about the future, with plans to refine our staking design. These changes are aimed at addressing throughput bottlenecks and scaling our decoupled execution environments.

A Call to Action

  • If you’re discontinuing your operator node, it’s crucial to deregister to ensure the smooth functioning of the network. Since Gemini 3g continues to run, any registered but offline operators would affect block production, so please double-check you have successfully deregistered before stopping your operator node.

Gratitude and Acknowledgements

  • A huge thank you to every participant that raised questions, shared issues, and contributed to a friendly and productive environment. Your feedback has been instrumental in improving our documentation and the Subspace staking interface.
  • A special nod to our engineering architects Ved and Ning, and the wider team, including Jeremy and Dariia, for their relentless work and innovation.

As we close this chapter, we look forward to the future with optimism and excitement. Stake Wars may have ended, but our journey together continues.

Once again, thanks to all our excellent, dedicated Stake Warriors! We hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did!