Stake Wars Announcement

Calling all Stake Wars participants!

As we close in on the date to start Phase 2 - Base Building of our incentivized staking competition, Stake Wars, we have taken some time to reflect on the state of the network and how our prospective operators are getting on with the task in front of them in preparation to transition from farmer to operator.

While the launch of Gemini 3g has gone really well from the team’s perspective, the impacts of some of the characteristics of the new network are being felt by our farmers. And we have been listening. Top of mind for us are the following:

  • The increased complexity of plotting has delayed farming progress.
  • The increased frequency of replotting at the start of all of our networks has also required farmers to alter their strategies to farm TSSC efficiently.
  • The rate at which farmers have been migrating over from 3f to 3g has not been as expedient as originally hoped.
  • There have been issues with upgrading Pulsar to the latest version of the network meaning that, as of the time of writing, it is still not available and we do not yet have a firm date when it will be.

We have been transparent from the start with the messaging that the timeline for Stake Wars is fluid to a certain extent and will be driven by the state of the network. For the reasons above the decision has been made to push the start date of Phase 2 back by 1 week. This means that what was provisionally set for Wednesday 15th November is now planned for the following Wednesday on the 22nd November. The reasoning behind this decision are that we would like to:

  • Provide more time for our farmers to move over to 3g.
  • Provide more time for any 3f Pulsar farmers to move to the Advanced CLI and get setup on 3g.
  • Provide more time for farmers to earn their Stake Wars stake in the difficult conditions of the start of a new network.
  • Provide more time for us (the team) to support, and build out the tooling to support, our operators.

We hope you understand and that you will use the extra week to efficiently get to where you want to be for the start of Stake Wars.

Continue to look to the stars (and our announcement channels) for further Stake Wars updates including the imminent disclosure of the MinStake value!


It’s all great, but what about minimum operator stake?

As stated in the last sentence, MinStake will be confirmed soon. Rest assured, our intent is to set it at an inclusive value.