About early test reward

If I have completed the stress test and successfully obtained 1 TSSC, in order to obtain the early test reward, I need to successfully sign one block or 0.1 TSSC with the same address in the incentive network test, or I need to sign ten blocks, that is to say, I need to obtain 1 TSSC.

I don’t quite understand your question. But if you’re talking about past testnet rewards, they have nothing to do with the rewards in the Gemini testnet.

Hi Hua

In order to qualify for the early adopter reward your talking about. You have to sign a block on both testnets (Aries + Gemini). On top of that gemini is a incentivized testnet, meaning credits will transfer to mainnet. Probably NOT 1:1 though.


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SMK is correct here, we have some further information in the #announcements category.

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