Run back to not enough 3tssc node


I just saw the new announcement, and have 1 question as follows:
I ran 1 node for 1 address XXX and it was only 0.5tssc, and then I deleted that node.
Now, can I rerun node for that XXX address to get enough 3tssc?

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Yes you can restart the node, just make sure in the farmer command start up you are using the same address you used to farm the 0.5 TSSC

hi, I reached 3.8 tSSC today.

if I stop running node now, will I get the reward from default “milestones reached” and get more from “2nd incentive”, is that right?

You will benefit from both sets of rewards but the second reward you will be allocated will be higher if you continue growing your balance by leaving your node running. It increases with your TSSC balance.