The node is fully sync but no rewards

Issue Report


  • **Operating System: linux ubuntu 20.04
  • **CPU Architecture: 6 vCPU
  • **RAM: 16 GB
  • **Storage: 600 GB
  • **Plot Size: 100 GB
  • **Subspace Deployment Method: CLI


Hi guys, l’m running 4 nodes. All of them are fully sync. Till today I received revards - TSST. But for this day - 24/09 nothing at all. Any solutions?

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How long have your farmers been running and fully synced?

What are you using to check for your rewards?

The farmers are running from the beggining of the testnet. I use the screen comand to monitor the running.
To check the rewards I use Polkadot explorer - the TSST balance is the same on the 4 wallets and doesn’t increace for about 1 day

The rewards are back again!)

Awesome, wish I could say I helped but it took care of itself lol!

If it happens again please try to find this post and update us.

Typically it was expected that it would take 1-2 days to get .5 TSSC when the incentives were turned on, we are at double the amount of nodes now so it’s going to take longer to get .5 TSSC maybe 2-4 days (just an estimate)

Any way thanks for your time and reply!)