Gemini Phase 1 Reward FAQ's

What is the total reward allocation for the incentivized testnet Gemini Phase 1?

  • The project allocated 0.5% of the total token supply at the mainnet launch as the incentive reward for this phase of the incentivized testnet. Specifically, 0.3% were allocated proportionally to the amount of tSSC farmed during Gemini 1, and 0.2% were split equally among all qualified farmers who participated in the network consensus and farmed at least 0.1 tSSC by block #392,626.

Am I eligible for a portion of the additional 0.2% if I did not farm any blocks?

  • Unfortunately, if you were unable to farm a block between block #158,529 & block #392,626 then you will not qualify for the additional reward. This is the link to eligible farmer reward addresses we shared previously.

How do I verify on the explorer my tSSC balance at the last eligible block #392,626?

  • The spreadsheet linked above shows all account balances at block #392,626, if you farmed at least 0.1 tSCC by then it means you are eligible for the reward. In the spirit of transparency, we created a tutorial below on how you can derive the same balance using the block explorer.

Why do I currently see a different balance on the explorer or why is my account not included in the spreadsheet?

  • The incentivized testnet Gemini Phase 1 officially ended at block #392,626. However, even after that phase ended, the network was still running to allow new and existing farmers the opportunity to test their nodes. Block rewards received after block #392,626 are not considered valid from the reward point of view.

Why no rewards for non-farmers?

  • Our network was designed to be permissionless from day one, including the incentivized testnet phase. Because of that, there is no way for us to assess actual participation unless a farmer successfully authored or voted for a block.

How can I calculate what my rewards should be including this new allocation?

  • The calculation is the same as prior, with a slight change. It should be

(your farmed tokens) / 233000 * 0.3% + 0.00001526% = your rough token allocation as % of the total token supply.

Once we release our total tokenomics you will be able to calculate your allocation % by the total supply to find exactly how many tokens to expect.

Do I need to do anything to claim this allocation?

No, this allocation will automatically be dropped to the reward address that participated in the network consensus during Gemini Phase 1. The actual distribution will happen at the Mainnet launch. Before that, all tSSC are not transferable between accounts due to this.


How do I verify on the explorer my tSSC balance at the last eligible block #392,626?

Below we will show a guided process for anyone to verify their farmed tSSC balance at block #392,626 on the explorer. Please be aware it does take quite a few steps, because we are not simply retrieving your current balance but at a specific point in the past.

  1. Head to the Gemini Phase 1 explorer, specifically section Chain State under the Developer tab. We link it here for convenience.

  2. In the highlighted fields #1 & #2, make sure to select system and account as pictured below

  3. For field #3, you should select the interested address. If there is no dropdown available, you need to add your address to the explorer address book first. You can do so by visiting Accounts → Address book linked here.

  4. For field #4, you can copy and paste the block hash below for block #392,626

  5. Once done, you can click on the + button on the top right corner

You should see the retrieved data below. The balance is represented by the field Please note the decimal point is 18 slots counting from the right. In this case, the account referenced farmed 1.5 tSSC in total by the end of Gemini Phase 1, at block #392,626

If you instead find zero value in the field using the block has referenced above, it means that specific account wasn’t able to participate in the network consensus in time to farm at least 0.1 tSCC credit to qualify for the incentive reward.

No worries, we have more phases coming soon :slight_smile:


Great :hugs: thanks :+1: :+1: :+1:

Who can tell me what will be next…

We need to wait for the TGE, right?
What token name of the Subspace will be?
Any dates, contracts, ect?

Sorry for the questions but I’m newbie and Subspace Gemini was my first finished node.

Glad you joined the network, I’m sure it was a vivid experience. Yes, in the meantime, wait for further announcements from the team regarding award distribution. For now I suggest you check out - Frequently asked questions

There are no exact launch dates yet, but there will be another Gemini test phase in the near future.

Token name - Subspace Credits (SSC).

Good luck :ok_hand: