Main network reward

In the stress test stage, assuming that address a obtains 100 tsscs and address B obtains 1 TSSC, does address a obtain 100 times the main network reward as address B?

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The amount of TSSC farmed during the current stress test period will not influence the early adopter reward and it will not be transferred over to mainnet. The qualification for early adopter reward was to farm at least one block during this period. Please see below the segment of the announcement that we shared on April 15, 2022.

The amount of testnet tokens earned during this stress test won’t affect or influence your position in the early incentivized testnet participation. Any testnetSSC earned during the stress test will not be transferred over to the incentivized testnet. This will allow everyone who qualifies as an early tester to have an equal chance and the same starting point once the incentivized testnet is launched.