What's the solid proof of successfully participated subspace stress testnet?

Question from luckyman3000 on discord:

Hello everyone! Could please somoene clarify to me if I’m eligible to be classified as an early participant due to the fact I’ve got acquainted with subspace couple of days ago and launched my stresstest node. I’ve received couple of TSSC but not sure if that has happened before the deadline of the stresstest. I’m really inspired with the Subspace and definitely will participate in Gemini and support the project in other ways, so being an early participant would mean a lot to me!

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Reply from Justin:

For you to be eligable you needed to farm prior to block #1,133,136 with hash 0x6a0e522b65e6216755c8def9d5d16665dd873db861820cf6b47de7dbd874a149

as per this announcement, that was the official end of the stress test.

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