No awards these two days?

cpu: 5800x 8 cores
public key:0x60a76d4fafa5096fa3885523f5754082c3a5f2b1ae7469901bc1e154d9e44c03

I started to farm subspace on 3.16 , and got 0.9 SSC+ (0.3 SSC). 0.3 SSC is missing after I upgraded the Acres program 0.1.08 to 0.1.08.
But these two days got 0 SSC from 3.18 to 3.19 , I dont know what the problem is.
Waiting for reply, thx!

There were issues with some older releases, but now that you are on 0.1.10 you should be getting rewards from time to time. Not sure what you mean by “missing” though, it doesn’t disappear from chain, though due to reorgs you may have not actually received some of the rewards app though you did.

It was normal in version 0.1.08, but I did not receive any rewards in the past two days after the upgrade. In fact, the machine did not stop farming and plotting.

it is normal now! just got 0.2 tscc. thx