Farmer Feedback: No rewards?


This post is not to be taken as an open issue, rather us trying to keep an open line of communication with farmers and their experience in regards to successfully participating in consensus and winning block rewards.

We do not believe there to be any bugs that may hinder block rewards.


This is not a post for farmers with errors or clear issues. If you have an error code, or some kind of clear bug please post the issue as you would normally. This post is targeted at users who have faced no issues, and it appears their farmer is working correctly.

Furthermore, this post is intended to verify there is no errors in specific farmer use cases which may be hard to detect in conjunction with block reward difficulty. As such we ask that you are patient before posting your information here.

So should I post my information here?

Generally it would make sense to post here if you fall under the following conditions

  • No issues with node/farmer. (meaning no error codes, and it appears to be working correctly)
  • Verified computer settings are correct, such as Sleep/Hibernation, Autostart, & Firewall/Network settings
  • Verified you have properly configured your wallet address.
  • You have not won any blocks and have 0 test Subspace Credits

So what information do you need?

Due to how many ways there are to run the farmer we have provided templates below for what we would like to see depending on your pathway.


**Pathway**: CLI Exe's, Docker, Subspace-Desktop App, Build from Source, Community Script, etc
**Operating System**: macOS, Ubuntu, or Linux
**Hardware**: Laptop, Desktop, Server
**Reward Address**:
**Date & Time of Starting Farmer**:
**Estimated Plot/Sync Time**:
**How long did you run the Farmer?**:

See the marked solution for an example.

Pathway: CLI Executables
Operating System: macOS
Hardware: Macbook Air M1 2020, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD
Reward Address: stCzYXWdddGq7UIIOCrdWTo5xFoJwKKmAyiFyXdrvGyjcFx
Date & Time of Starting Node: April 4th, 2022
Estimated Plot/Sync Time: ~10 Hours
How long did you run the Farmer?: its still running (alternatively, “I turned it off after 2 weeks with no rewards”)
Logs: Any logs you may have preferrably use a code block like below

this is a code block.

Notes: Any notes/Insights you may have
Screenshots: Any screenshots you may have

The more information the better