Special Reward for Gemini Phase 1

As we, the core contributors of the Subspace Network, continuously strive to uphold the values of a truly permissionless and decentralized network, our main priority has always been our community. To demonstrate our dedication to being community-first, we are thrilled to share the news about our special gift as a token of appreciation for our small farmers who played a vital role in network testing during Gemini Phase 1.

On top of the 0.3%, we are allocating an additional 0.2% of the total token supply to the early adopters who were able to sync and participate in consensus during Gemini Phase 1.

The additional 0.2% will be split equally among 13,106 reward addresses listed in the spreadsheet we shared in a prior announcement. Each farmer reward address will receive an additional ~0.00001526% of the total token supply. For example, if the total token supply is 10 billion SSC at mainnet launch, every farmer on the list will receive ~1,526 tokens on top of the token rewards they farmed during Gemini Phase 1.

List of Addresses that successfully farmed at least 0.1 tSSC during Gemini Phase 1:

We want to thank you all, our early members, for supporting us along this journey with your relentless commitment.

Subspace Network is Permissionless & Community-first

While we aim to grow our farmer community to hundreds of thousands or even to a few million, we want to avoid rushing through any critical milestones at the expense of farmers who genuinely believe in our vision. We are incredibly grateful for the patience and dedication that our early members have displayed with your unchanged support as we work towards building the world’s most distributed, decentralized, and permissionless network.

Following our vision, participation will remain permissionless at every phase of network growth (with rare exceptions like community token offering where KYC is mandatory by regulation).

And ultimately, we envision our community members governing the Subspace Network in the long run. For this to be possible, we need to foster a strong foundation that will serve as the backbone of a thriving ecosystem. The Ambassador Program, for example, is one initiative that accelerates the realization of our community-first vision. Please remember that everyone in the community plays a vital role in shaping the future of the Subspace Network, and we want you to be more actively involved in our community efforts.

With that said, we have two favors to ask you.

  1. When we get to the next phase of Gemini, Phase 2, please help us educate and onboard the new wave of farmers and be patient with them.
  2. When the time comes, please help us spread the word about the Subspace Network (hint: updated narrative dropping soon)

Special Reward FAQ
Please read the answers to the frequently asked questions about the announcement above: Gemini Phase 1 Reward FAQ's


For those curios this a a fantastic benefit for small famers. As long as you were able to fully sync and farm at least 0.1 tSSC your getting another separate reward regardless of how much you farmed.


thank you for your info
great news, go strong together


Great news. Looking forward to participating more!