Rewards Calculation Issue


Not sure if it is proper to post the topic here - but some categories are not active anymore.

Recently I found the reward of my Gemini 3f farmer dropped sharply with the increasing space on the whole network.

So I searched for some data of Subspace but found some gap.

Theorically Speaking:
Total Token Supply: 1,500,000,000 SSC
Each Week Supply for Gemini 3: 0.1% of total supply - 1,500,000 TSSC/WEEK
Each Day Supply During Gemini 3: 214,286 TSSC/DAY
Total Pledged Space currently on Subspace: 3P -3075 T
Theorical Reward per T: 69.68 TSSC/T/DAY

But I also noticed that each day reward on Subspace network now is around 20,000 TSSC/DAY, wihch means 6.5 TSSC/T/DAY.

I am not sure if I misunderstand any data here.
And also there is a fact that the farmer reward in my nodes now is only 1 TSSC/T/DAY.

My plot size is 500G, 800G or 1T.
Hardwares are nice enough to run both node and farmer.
From my understanding, it(plot size) should not effect rewards so dramatically.
Or the bigger plot size is, the more rewards the farmer can get?

Look forward to some disucssion about it.

Some reference: