Syncing completed but not received rewards

  • Operating System: ubuntu
  • CPU Architecture: x86
  • RAM: 12gb
  • Storage: 150GB SSD
  • Plot Size: 60GB SSD

i am running subspace Gemini 3e node but i did not received any rewards on my wallet. can you pls share any guide how to run subspce Gemini 3e node.

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Hello @Sheikh_Waleed, sorry that you are facing trouble. Would you mind posting your logs below in text format so we can take a look and see what might be going on. Additionally, where are you checking to verify rewards?

Dear ImmaZoni,

THank you for your reply.

I had run Gemini3e test node docker & normal CLi & advanced CLI, but I did not get any reward. I am showing these rewards on I have been running this test node for 3 days now and I am not getting any help if I am facing difficulties. Can you send me the complete guide on how to run the Node? And confirm me this is non incentivized or Incetivized? Kindly see below the logs for investgations.


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Hello @Sheikh_Waleed thanks for your answer. Firstly to run subspace farmer please refer to official docs and use simple cli for running it. When you execute farm command add —verbose tag in order to see more logs about your farmer. I see that your plot size around 1.8 GiB so you may receive your first reward a bit late cuz more plot size meaning more selection chance for both block production and vote. This test phase is currently non-incentivized but the incentive part will be coming soon.

Hello Nirnaeth thank you for your support,
If I have a 200 GB harddrive, how much plot size do I have to keep? And secondly if I run node in non-incentivized mode, when the incentive test phase starts, will there be any benefit? And kindly confirm date and time incentive test phase.


The current stage is the non-incentivized stage, but we will be progressing towards incentivized testnet here in the coming weeks. We haven’t announced the specific date or time yet.

As for the current guide you can find our documentation here: Simple CLI (Recommended) | Farm from Anywhere

On the polkadot.js site, what is the exact url of the one you are checking? it should be this one here: Polkadot/Substrate Portal as there are a couple different networks.

You can also find your full logs in the following directories which may have some more insights

  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Local/subspace-cli/logs
  • macOS: $HOME/Library/Logs/subspace-cli/
  • Linux: $HOME/.local/share/subspace-cli/logs

Note, we are investigating this issue as it may be a bug that needs fixing, as such weve created a master forum post for this issue which Ive linked this post to aswell.