Language versions of the Subspace website

Hi there! @ImmaZoni

It’s great to see the project growing, and I have some ideas for improving the site that everyone can contribute to.

The task is to make a multilingual site because our community is really huge.

In order to prepare a high-quality translation, each participant can comment on the open document and contribute his or her own version of the translation (txt version of web). Accordingly, it will be necessary to determine the better one.

I had this idea when in the Russian version of the site, In some places I saw a bit of a mistranslation (perhaps it is not complete). And I would like to unify it for each language.

Another option is to make a mistake checker with an open form, after the translation is finished, to contribute an alternative translation that might be more objective.

I think this would be a good way to convey the idea and the concept as accurately as possible without losing meaning.

What do you think about this?