Sure, let's talk about the project.

I would like to participate fully in the project. I am already a node holder and I also want to develop this project in the CIS region. I would be interested in participating in group projects together with the team.
Becoming a chat moderator in the English and Russian segments would be of interest to me, as it would help prevent spam messages and ensure that no inappropriate actions are taken against other community members.
Like many others, I would like to contribute to collaborative work and take steps to make the project ecosystem more friendly and understandable for a larger number of users.
Thank you for reading. I hope to receive feedback soon.

Hello user36

I appreciate your enthusiasm.

May 8th marked the submission deadline for the latest Ambassador cohort opening. Date for the next round still undefined, but please stay tuned!

Check out the Subspace Network Ambassador Workspace below to learn about the structure, benefits, and expectations :point_down: