Projects category

I propose to create Project category on this forum where people can tell Subspace community about awesome things they are building.

They will be advised to follow the instructions in order to give a clearer understanding.

  • Project description
  • Goals
  • Milestones
  • Challenges, risks
  • Team (and these teams can be formed after the publixation of the project too, which is a great success)
  • Technical overview or architecture if relevant.
    There could be other fields like KPI, motivation, value to the community/project, etc.

Some project topics as examples:

  • Make a website with all transactions of official articles where you can choose your language.
  • Unofficial/official Subspace Korea (per say) twitter account where the admins translate official tweets and post respective articles.

Goals of this suggestion:

  • Give the ability to Subspace community to collaborate and buld something big (or small, but still important) together.
  • Improve the understanding what Subspace community is. We can learn what we need, what can be done and what is already out there but there is not enough info about.
  • Allow the team easier to track what is happening with the projects and how they can help them in order to achieve better results.
  • Improve engagement. Right now the forum is barely alive, not much conversations on Discord and no community involvement in the Subspace development. New projects in the suggested section can bring new life to the community and Subspace itself.

In order to make things a little bit organised, Subspace team can define Project Categories, such as Education, Tools, Community Development, etc.

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Hey Kant! I really like this idea! We are currently exploring ways to improve the forums and will definitely keep this in mind as we expand!

Thank you so much for the great detailed post :slight_smile: