How to provide Translations for the Subspace Network

Thank you for your interest in providing translations for the Subspace Network. In this guide we will go over how to provide translations for our Website. This same process will likely follow on future documentation as we expand.

For our Translations we are utilizing a platform called Crowdin. This platform allows users from all corners to access a public translation portal and localize what they can.

  1. Visit our Crowdin Portal at

  2. This will take you to a sign on page as seen below, make an account.

  3. Once you login you will be taken to this screen, Click whichever language you would like to translate

  4. You will find yourself at a screen similar to the one below, click Translate All

  5. You will then be brought into the Translation Portal. In this portal you will find the following

    1. English Version of the Text
    2. Spot to input language translation of english text
    3. Automated Suggestions for text
    4. Word List that needs translating
    5. A spot for comments if something needs clarification
  6. Fill in translations & Save as you go.

  7. Translations are reviewed on a regular basis and will be uploaded to the site shortly after translations are provided.

Thank you for helping build the Subspace Network into a truly global community with your contributions!

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