Gemini-3h Meme Contest

:rocket: Gemini-3h Meme Contest

We’re celebrating Gemini-3h with our largest Meme Contest ever! There’s a total of $300 USDC up for grabs!

:star2: Contest Prizes:

  1. General Community Favorite: $100 USDC
    1. Meme with the most reactions in the Discord channel is the winner
  2. Subspace Staff Favorite: $100 USDC
  3. Subspace Ambassadors Favorite: $100 USDC

:date: Timeline:

  • Contest Start Date: January 31st 4 PM UTC
  • Contest End Date: Escape Velocity of Mini-Space Race

More info of the timeline of Escape Velocity can be found here: Gemini 3h and The Mini Space Race

:rocket: How to Enter:

  1. Create Your Meme: Let your creativity and humor fly high!

  2. Submit Your Meme: Post your meme with the hashtag gemini-3h in the Discord #memes-and-content channel

    1. Discord
  3. Fill out the following form and provide a link to your meme posted in our Discord #memes-and-content channel Gemini-3h Meme Contest

  4. Share & Get Votes: Share your meme to gather support and votes from the community.

  5. Voting Process: The general public vote ends when the contest at Escape Velocity of the Mini-Space Race. We will release Staff favorite and Ambassador favorite soon after.

  6. The post with the most likes in Discord wins the public vote!

  7. If we suspect bots or dishonest voting, you will be disqualified.

  8. We can tell if you get your friends to vote for you!!

:scroll: Rules & Guidelines:

  1. Theme: Your memes should be centered around Subspace and our community.
  2. Originality: All memes must be your original work. No reposts or plagiarized content.
  3. Humor: We’re looking for funny, cheeky, and “out of pocket” content. However, it should still be in good taste.
  4. Terms & Conditions: Please remember that our terms and conditions restrict certain community members from participating in our initiatives, including those residing in Burma, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, the Crimea Region, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Sudan, Ecuador, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Russia, Namibia, other jurisdictions subject to U.S. trade sanctions, embargoes, or other applicable restrictions.
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:tada: Gemini-3H Meme Contest Winners Announcement :tada:

After an exciting contest filled with humor, it’s time to announce the winners who will each be receiving $100 USDC…

:trophy: Ambassador Favorite Award: @mon_zlat
Check out the winning creation here Discord

:trophy: Subspace Favorite Award: @joss_hua
Check out the winning creation here Discord

:trophy: Public Vote Favorite Award: @cryptokid001
Check out the winning creation here

Congratulations to all winners and check out all the funny memes in #:rofl:⏐memes-and-content