End of Gemini Phase 1

Gemini Phase 1 has officially concluded today, June 27, 2022, at 5 pm UTC at block number #392,626 with block hash 0x394b0ccca2548837acf444bd4a3e997c0ebf954e517ba187349b2ab63c72c8b8.

Over 10k fully synced nodes successfully participated in consensus with 3.9+ petabytes pledged to the Subspace Network.

We want to thank everyone in our community for participating in our network bootstrapping process. We appreciate your dedication and patience throughout the whole process. It was a great experience communicating with our community members, allowing us to learn a lot and gather an incredible amount of invaluable feedback to improve the farming experience.

To keep our promise of staying fully transparent, we will share additional details in the next few days regarding the total tSSC farmed during Gemini Phase 1, along with a list of all addresses that will receive a percentage of rewards we’ve allocated for this phase. If you missed our previous announcement regarding our rewards distribution plan, please see the announcement in our forum here: Gemini Phase 1 End Date - #4 by gzivdo

*It is important to note that rewards will only be distributed to farmers who have participated in farming and earned tSSC credits during Gemini 1 phase.

We are deeply grateful for the relentless perseverance you’ve demonstrated along the way. We, especially, would like to thank those who have been actively involved in helping others in our community. We have been noticing and would like to mention that we are currently accepting applications for our ambassador program if you’re interested in working more closely with the core contributors of the Subspace Network.

Ambassador Program Announcement:

Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you when Gemini Phase 2 starts!


Cannot wait for the next test- and then mainnet!

Thank you very much for the news
I applied for the honorary title of ambassador, waiting for an answer
I will be happy to serve the subspace team

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So should we shutdown our nodes now when the incentivized phase is over?

Yes you are welcome to stop your node and farmer for now.

We will have more news for next phases coming out here in the future