Welcome to Subspace Network’s February 2024 Ecosystem Update!

Liftoff: From the Pinnacle of Gemini 3G to the Bright Horizon of Gemini 3H

On February 7th’s Community Call, we orbited around the success of Gemini 3G and buckled up for the thrilling journey ahead with Gemini 3H.

:rocket: Gemini 3G: A Cosmic Leap Forward

With over 9,800 nodes in the network, in Gemini 3G we nearly touched the stars with 10,000 nodes. This participation stood as a testament to our community’s dedication and spirit.

An equally remarkable feat involved the over 13 petabytes of space pledged to Gemini 3G. Celestial heights!

:milky_way: Embarking on the Gemini 3H Odyssey

Our newest adventure, Gemini 3H, already showed signs of surpassing its predecessor, with the node count quickly approaching 5,000. The anticipation grew as we awaited the final tally of space pledged in the Launchpad phase after farming was enabled.

:wrench: Migration and Technical Enhancements

A special shoutout to Emil for the migration guide and to everyone who contributed to refining our CLI arguments. Your help made switching over to Gemini 3H way smoother. Many thanks to hakehardware for the timely docker fix and to the community for embracing the new default values.

:artificial_satellite: The Mini Space Race: Liftoff Alert

Jim captivated us with the essence of our Mini Space Race, a multi-phased odyssey towards our mainnet launch. Every stage, starting with Launchpad and progressing towards Escape Velocity, brings us closer to further decentralizing our network.

We also announced the Liftoff phase. During Liftoff, we transitioned away from incentivized testnet rewards on Gemini 3G, and set our sights on a new goal: a target of 8 petabytes space pledged for our farmers to aim for, a challenge to reactivate those rewards.

:tada: Celebrations and Acknowledgements

Nazar submitted a transaction that marked the final incentivized block of Gemini 3G (:ice_cube: block 1,441,148) . A momentous occasion to laser-focus our efforts to achieve new milestones in Gemini 3H.

Congratulations to the winners of our hardware setup and storytelling contest, e1padr1n0, Capybara, Wezl and scavenger hunt, zulkis#9066. Your ingenuity and passion fuel our collective journey.

Subspace Community, You’ve Shattered Expectations!

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Gemini 3H’s Stellar Growth

On February 14th, we held a special edition of our beloved Farmer Office Hours.

Just 6 days after announcing Liftoff, Gemini 3H had already amassed an astonishing 11,627 terabytes of space pledged, obliterating our 8-petabyte target to reactivate testnet rewards.

With 6,469 nodes countreached as part of our network at the time, the growth achieved was nothing short of cosmic level. An achievement that showcased the power of collective effort of farmers.

:whale2: Whale Watch & Community Champions

Something fun we did was taking a look at our whales on Subscan, with the top balances reaching up to 673 tokens! Remember, every contribution, big or small, propels us further into uncharted territories.

:checkered_flag: Escape Velocity Achieved: The Space Race Concludes

Our mini Space Race concluded with impressive results, hitting our target in just six days after lift off. This served as a mainnet dress rehearsal that demonstrated the robustness and readiness of our community and network. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated and dedicated their resources.

:mag: Focus on Fundamentals

Amidst the excitement, we took a moment to look at Astral to dive back into the basics of farming and the intricacies of the network. Understanding seeded data, blockchain history, and the significance of space pledged helps us all navigate the Subspace landscape more effectively.

Don’t forget, our Farmer Office Hours always welcome questions, insights, and cosmic conversations. See you there!

Spotlight on Space Acres :ear_of_rice:

Our GUI farmer Space Acres, initially a side project created and maintained by Nazar, has officially become part of the Subspace suite, thanks to its increasing popularity among Gemini 3H farmers. As we phase out Pulsar, we shift our focus on enhancing Space Acres and inviting community contributions to its development.

:man_farmer: Why Space Acres?

Space Acres serves as our GUI farmer with a front end, integrating with Windows and featuring a user-friendly interface. This interface provides a comprehensive view of a farmer’s performance and their status in the plotting and farming process. Telemetry indicates its popularity and continues to rise since its release. As of February 21st, an impressive 8% of our Gemini 3H farmers have made Space Acres their go-to tool (compared to 92% of Advanced CLI and mere 0.1% for Pulsar. And we just got started!

Initially, Space Acres was meant to be Nazar’s side project, available through his personal repository. However, its soaring popularity and potential for community-driven development have led us to officially embrace it as part of the Subspace family.

:stop_sign: Saying Goodbye to Pulsar

As we welcome Space Acres with open arms, the time has arrived to phase out Pulsar. Pulsar struggled to keep up with the Subspace client SDK updates, leading us to focus on tools that can evolve with our network’s needs.

:loudspeaker: What’s Next for Space Acres?

Community members might have noticed Space Acres’ recent transition into the Subspace GitHub organization, a move symbolizing our ongoing commitment and not merely administrative. Space Acres will receive a host of updates, including the launch of its first official documentation.

We find Space Acres impressive and believe that simplifying our product set in this manner clarifies and demystifies the path to farming for newcome. This marks just the beginning of our journey to make farming more accessible and engaging for everyone. Whether you seek an easy start or go in search of optimizing performance as an advanced user, Space Acres and the Advanced CLI got you covered.

:handshake: Join Us in Shaping the Future of Space Acres

Your feedback is the lifeblood of our community. As we celebrate the arrival of Space Acres, we also consider a rebranding of the Advanced CLI to make it more intuitive. We’ve brainstormed names like Subspace CLI and Space Console, but we want to hear from you! Share your thoughts in today’s chat or on Discord.

Nova Launch, Community Tools, and Hacker Month Begins!

The Developer Office Hours session held on February 21st announced significant advancements to our network with a runtime upgrade that activated domains and operators on the Gemini 3H, paving the way for the much-anticipated Nova launch and, a little further into this orbit, Stake Wars 2.

We also announced our EVM domain on Gemini 3H went live! :confetti_ball: While we worked on redeploying the faucet and updated the RPC endpoints in the docs, remember to update your RPC endpoints in Metamask and other wallets to dive into the new era of development on Subspace. :rocket:

In our vibrant developer community on Discord, discussions have sparked nothing short of electrifying engagement. Special shoutouts to hakehardware, wolfrage, zulkis9066, rahuls2302, and Nazar for their contributions that keep our community buzzing with excitement. :globe_with_meridians:

We also take pride in sharing that our family of builders has expanded to 136 members strong, thanks to everyone linking their GitHub profiles with us. Your engagement forms the backbone of our progress, and we eagerly anticipate continuing this journey with you all. :woman_technologist::man_technologist:

Community Tools and Contributions :hammer_and_wrench:

The creativity and innovation within our community never cease to amaze us. zulkis9066’s impactful Prometheus metrics addition, wolfrage’s farming monitor dashboard (Subspace Farmer Thingy), rahuls2302’s SS lock monitor, jrwashburn’s Python SS Log Event Monitor, vexr._’s Sector Time Trackers, and hakehardware’s Subspace Plot Report exemplify the power of collaboration. A huge thank you to everyone contributing!

Dynamic Issuance and Economic Updates :money_with_wings:

Dariia gave us an insightful update on our dynamic issuance system, designed to ensure a sustainable economy for our blockchain. This innovative approach, combined with our unique consensus mechanism, promises a balanced and fair ecosystem for all participants.

We’re adopting a strategy similar to Bitcoin’s by gradually dialing down rewards over time, but with our own twist. Instead of Bitcoin’s sharp reward halvings, our method involves a slight, steady decline in block rewards from one block to the next. Picture this: each block’s reward gets a tiny bit smaller than the one before. A slow fade, really, ensuring a gradual diminishment that, while predictable, causes minimal disruption to the network’s economy.

This approach allows for greater incentives for early adopters, manages the growth of token circulation effectively, and extends the duration of token issuance. Such a strategy, proven in various blockchain ecosystems, stands on the shoulders of giants in this field.

Now, for the second part, which is really exciting. It introduces an exclusive, storage-based consensus mechanism. This method dynamically adjusts rewards based on the fluctuating demand for on-chain activities. This adaptive reward system ensures that farmers are adequately rewarded for doing the heavy lifting in maintaining and farming on the network. Conversely, during periods of lower demand, the protocol can afford to incentivize farmers more generously, maintaining their engagement with our network. It mirrors how toll roads work: increased traffic results in higher toll revenues, but in the early days when things are quiet, traffic is incentivized to build up the user base, aiming for a balanced and sustainable ecosystem over the years.

Get Ready for Hacker Month :wrench:

March promises excitement with a plethora of development initiatives and bounties coming your way. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting, there will be something for everyone to engage with and contribute to. Stay tuned for workshops, open issues, and much more!

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Big Wins at Subspace. The Votes Are In — Discover the Champions!

Docs Contest :trophy:

A special shoutout to Mike Gvozdev for an exceptional contribution in PR 398. Your dedication to repairing the broken “Edit this page” link caught our attention.

As a token of our appreciation, we award you 250 USDC. Check out the remarkable work here

Translator Triumphs :earth_africa:

Our translators consistently deliver incredible works. With a whopping contribution of over 9000 words, zulkis9066 well-earned the reward of 50 USDC. Discover more about zulkis9066’s’ contributions here.

Gemini-3H Meme Contest :balloon:

After a rollercoaster ride of laughter and creativity, our much-anticipated Meme Contest finally reached its grand finale. Time to roll out the red carpet for our champions, who each snagged $100 USDC for their hilarious entries.

Ambassador Favorite Award: mon_zlat

Check out the winning creation here.

Subspace Favorite Award: joss_hua

Don’t miss out on this gem.

Public Vote Favorite Award: cryptokid001

Unveil the masterpiece here.

Hats Off to Our Galxe Leaders! :tophat::sparkles:

A cosmic salute to our Top 5 Galxe Leaderboard.

  1. spiritt
  2. capybara3737
  3. khunchan
  4. lazypenguin1432
  5. illlyyaa

You will each receive an exclusive Subspace Hat. Wear it with pride.

Gear Up for More:
Our Galxe Space.

Our Zealy Board.

Thank you to everyone who participated, contributed, and cheered on our winners. Your engagement makes our community thrive. Here’s to many more months of innovation, collaboration, and celebration!

End of Transmission.


We are making progress. :100: