Gemini II Ends on October 25 - Only 1 Week Left to Join!

After a month of aggressive (and successful) testing, Gemini II is scheduled to conclude next Tuesday, October 25, at 4 pm UTC.

The Subspace Network community is at the heart of everything we do. So we listened and wanted to give everyone some time to plan for the end of Gemini II. With that said, we are very close to the next milestone. So let’s see if we can reach Milestone II by this weekend to maximize the rewards allocated to this phase.

Gemini II Status Update:
:white_check_mark: 74k+ qualified unique reward addresses
:hourglass: 1.15 PB / 1.5 PB (in progress)
:hourglass: 27k / 40k concurrent live nodes (in progress)

There is still time to set up your farmer node to farm rewards. Please visit the Farm page on our website to get started: Farm from anywhere on Subspace Network

We want to thank everyone for the continued support and contribution as we continue to pave the way through unmarked territory.

:raised_hands: We’d appreciate it if you could spread the word by retweeting our recent Twitter post:


Let’s get to MainNet :sparkling_heart:

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It was very interesting!)

close ? 17k / 40k nodes that wont happen in this time frame your giving people false hope

Wait MainNet and go to the moon <3

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Good :fire: I am very curious how the mainnet will be , the project is really high quality , the team is very good .

lets see what the future hold

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