Contribution Contest

Hey Subspacers!

We’re thrilled to introduce yet another community incentive program: The Subspace Contribution Contest! The contest is specifically designed for developers who are passionate about blockchain technology and love a good challenge.

Every month, we’re offering a rewards pool of up to $1,000 for the best merged pull requests contributed to eligible Subspace projects.

Projects you can contribute to are:

Every eligible project has a list of open issues. Feel free to go through them and find inspiration!

Contest Rules:

  1. Eligibility: Open to all developers with a few exceptions, please read T&C to learn more.
  2. Submission Period: first to the last date of each month.
  3. Quality Over Quantity: We value impactful, efficient, and innovative solutions. Your pull request should enhance the project’s functionality, security, or performance.
  4. Documentation is Key:
    Clearly document your code and the problem it solves. Remember, great code is also readable and understandable.
  5. Peer Review: Submissions will undergo a review by our engineers. Please be open to their suggestions and make sure to implement all feedback. Only approved and merged PRs are eligible to win!
  6. Adherence to Project Guidelines: Ensure your code complies with the specific guidelines and standards of the repo you’re contributing to.

Why Participate?

  • Impact: Your code will become a vital part of the project.
  • Rewards and recognition: The total prize pool for the month is $1,000. We will reward single or multiple contributions every month. The max prize per contribution is $500!
    • Get a special NFT POAP with every submission
    • Get a special NFT POAP if you help with the reviews and provide useful feedback for the community contributions
    • Submitting a PR is the best way to get recognition and a job at Subspace!
  • Grow: Improve your skills and learn more about the technology behind Subspace and its products.

How to Enter:

  • Choose a project from our list of participating repos.
  • Fork or clone the repository and get coding!
  • Submit your pull request within the contest period: add a description of what problem is solved and why you think the change is important.
  • Submit the submission form
  • Go through the code reviews with our engineers and get your PR merged to be eligible for the reward.

Looking forward to seeing your contributions!