# Introducing the Subspace Network Trivia Contest

Greetings Subspacers!

We’re thrilled to unveil our Subspace Trivia initiative! :rocket:

Starting Sunday, Sept 3rd at 11:00am UTC, we’ll be challenging your knowledge with intriguing trivia questions every few hours. Be the first to crack the code, and exclusive Subspace Merch will be yours! And for the trivia mastermind who answers the most questions correctly will receive an additional prize! We’ll be covering topics from General Crypto facts all the way to the most nuanced details about the Subspace Network!

:scroll: Rules

Contest Terms

  • Our trivia marathon kicks off on Sunday @ 11:00am UTC. Brace yourselves for a new trivia question every few hours, culminating in our grand event on Sept 6: the Incentivized Testnet Community Call.
  • All participants must adhere to our Community Terms of Service.

How to Participate

  1. Stay alert! Questions will be broadcasted on our #:vulcan_salute:⏐subspace-transmissions channel, with a dedicated thread for each response.
  2. Think you’ve got the answer? Dash to the thread below the question and post your response.

Judging Criteria

Given the intricate nature of our trivia, we’re enlisting the prowess of ChatGPT, combined with the expertise of our Ecosystem team, to evaluate responses. This dual approach ensures unbiased and accurate assessments. Rest assured, a human touch will be involved in the final review for utmost precision. In the event of identical correct answers, the Discord timestamp will be the tiebreaker, favoring the earliest response.

:trophy: Prizes

  • Daily Winner - Exclusive Subspace Merch + POAP
  • Overall Winner - Daily Winner Prizes + $100 USDC

Gear up, Subspacers! The cosmos of knowledge awaits. May the best spacefarer win! :stars:


Greetings Subspacers!

The Subspace Trivia initiative has come to a thrilling conclusion! :rocket: A big thank you to all participants who took on the challenge, tested their knowledge, and showcased their expertise.

:trophy: Winners Announced!

Overall Winner:

:1st_place_medal: Mathematics2146 AKA Wilyam - An impressive feat, answering 7 out of the 16 questions correctly! Enjoy your exclusive Subspace Merch, POAP, and $100 USDC.

Daily Winners:

:1st_place_medal: CJ Stanley
:1st_place_medal: Krezys
:1st_place_medal: VikMez
:1st_place_medal: spirittt
:1st_place_medal: JayMCrypto

Each of you will receive the exclusive Subspace Merch and POAP.

Instructions for Winners:

Winners, please reach out to me via DM on Discord and send me your email addresses. This will be our primary mode of contact moving forward as we coordinate the delivery of your prizes.

To all our participants, each one of you is a winner in our eyes. Your enthusiasm, spirit, and passion for the Subspace Network have been truly inspirational. Stay tuned for more exciting events in the future!

Until our next cosmic rendezvous, keep exploring and keep learning, Subspacers! :stars:

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