Hacker Month Introduction

Hello, Developers! :tada:

We’re thrilled to announce that March will be celebrated as our inaugural Hacker Month! This is your chance to contribute to Space Acres, tackle challenges, and emerge with bounties.

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

1. Open Bounty Board

We’ve curated a list of Space Acres issues ripe for the picking, each tagged with a bounty in USDC for its implementation! Tasks range from simple tweaks to complex challenges, ensuring a spot for all skill levels, so it doesn’t matter if you’re proficient with CSS or Rust - there is a task for everyone!

:mag: How it works:

  • Browse the issues marked with a “bounty” label and a USDC prize tag.
  • Choose an issue, and comment on it so we can move it into “in progress” to claim it. Once claimed, it’s yours to solve — first come, first serve! If the issue is not being actively worked on, it will go back to the open issues!
  • To earn the bounty, ensure your Pull Request (PR) gets approved and merged by a Subspace team member. Remember to read T&C for the contest before submitting your PR. It’s your time to shine!
  • We will be adding new issues to the board, so make sure to check it regularly!
  • Contributions from Space Acres bounty board are not eligible for the Contribution Contest.

2. Workshops

In the next edition of the Developer Office Hours, Nazar is going to host a workshop where he will guide you through the Space Acres codebase, help you set up your development environment from scratch, and delve into the details of running and testing the application locally. This is a golden opportunity to gain valuable insights and skills, so don’t miss out! Join us on the Discord stage next Wednesday at4PM UTC!

We’re just getting started, and there might be more surprises and workshops in store. Keep an eye on this space for updates!

Looking forward to seeing your contributions to Space Acres and to seeing you at the workshops and other events throughout the month! Happy hacking!