Alpha Testers Wanted for Space Acres - Desktop Farmer Application

Greetings, Subspacers!

We’re excited to announce the alpha release of Space Acres, a desktop farmer application built by one of our talented co-founders, Nazar. This tool is a giant leap toward making farming more accessible to everyone, and we need your help to make it even better!

Why Your Participation Matters:

  • Valuable Feedback: As Space Acres is in active development, your feedback is incredibly valuable. By testing the app, you help us identify and fix issues, enhancing its functionality and user experience.
  • Contribute to Development: Have coding skills? Your contributions to Space Acres can be a fantastic way to participate in our ongoing Contribution Contest. Not only will you gain recognition within the Subspace community, but you’ll also earn a unique POAP as a token of appreciation. It could also open the door to getting a job at Subspace!
  • Special Recognition: Active testers aren’t left out! You’ll receive a special POAP acknowledging your vital role in shaping Space Acres.

Final Note:
We’re on a mission to lower the technical barriers for our farming community, and Space Acres is a significant stride in that direction. However, our resources are finite, and that’s where you come in. By providing feedback, cracking on with coding, and actively engaging, you’re not just testing a tool; you’re helping shape the future of farming and getting rewarded for it!

:star2: Ready to start testing? Download the latest release, and leave your feedback at #feedback-suggestions Discord channel!:star2:

:star2: Ready to help with development? Clone of fork the repo, have a glance at the list of open issues or feel free to add your issues to the list, and get coding!:star2: