3 questions about the contribution statistical indicators of incentive testing!

  1. The two pieces of information regarding Gemini3’s testing contribution and incentives seem to conflict. We know that the final reward will be allocated proportionally, but will it be based on TSCC balance or the number of blocks and votes?
  2. Is the above allocation rule applicable to 3f, 3g, and 3h? Or do different stages have different details?
  3. Is the allocation of operator (StarWar) based on TSCC? Will StarWar2 still be held?

It will be based on block and vote rewards as always stated. I do not see the two highlighted statements conflicting but am keen to hear where the confusion is creeping in. I will happily adjust the language if something does not make sense.

Yes. All stages are the same. Think of it as one long incentivised testnet across multiple network iterations.

Stake Wars rewards are based on transaction fees earned for both operators and nominators. Exact details are published here.

And yes, as previously announced, we are planning a Stake Wars 2 - stay tuned to announcements to make sure you don’t miss any updates.

so clear, thank you Jim

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