Problems with peers at node operators in Russia

Issue Report


Operating System:Ubuntu 20.04/22.04
Advanced CLI gemini-3h-2024-jan-31-2


Operators of nodes from Russia reported that there are no peers, I am among them. There are 2 different servers that are not connected to each other and have different providers. After uninstalling 3g which was working fine I installed 3h but no peers, I checked the ports and they were all available. Then I installed the software on the other hardware and the peers were there at first, however I noticed over time that they also disappeared. The 3h telemetry shows that users from the Russian cities of Tyumen and Volokonovka also have no peers.



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@shamil any idea how we should go about trying to identify what is common between these nodes that would present the reported symptoms?


that’s me. can’t get peers since december. ISP Rostelekom (screenshot from 3g, same problem in 3h)

Yesterday, Russian users experienced major DNS issues but we don’t use those domains and it’s unlikely connected. I would start debugging by inspecting logs(with RUST_LOG=debug environment variable) followed by the change of the local network (e.g.: running from the different cloud vm). Also, it doesn’t seem like a DSN problem - the symptoms indicate that Substrate network can’t be connected.

Now I have peers on both servers but have the following errors. This server is Xeon 2695v4 (2 processors)

This is expected as farming is not enabled yet. Sounds like your original network issue was related to a temporary DNS issue that prevented you hitting the bootstrap nodes.

Thanks for the assistance @shamil.

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I encountered the same problem, for some reason the node cannot detect the external IP address

When the message “Consensus: sub-libp2p: :mag: Discovered new external address for our node:” does not appear, then the node does not see peers; changing port 30333 to 30334 helped some, although they are accessible and not busy with anything else

Our bootstrap nodes are a bit overwhelmed right now, they were crashing a bit, but we’ve got it mostly under control now, so situation going forward should be better.


I hope it’s resolved soon.

unfortunately still have no peers, will try port 30334 now

Yes, looks like it - it doesn’t appear to me. added --listen-on /ip4/ ` but it doesn’t work for me