Idle (0 Peers), best: #0 (0x9ee8..ccf0), finalized: #0 (0x9ee8..ccf0)

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I started the node for the incentivized testnet, I made sure to purge and wipe my node and farmer but am still getting the following errors.

@nazar-pc we are getting a lot of these this morning, Could be caused by load but also want to make sure there is nothing else going on.

“Idle (0 Peers)” is not an error, it just means node is not connected to anyone.

We have opened the network AFTER we released software, so, naturally, those who downloaded and installed software prior to official announcement didn’t have where to connect to.

Nodes should be able to connect to the network after official announcement, let me know if this is still an issue, according to telemetry over 1200 users already joined the network and are syncing.