Guys, what do I do if this process hangs up? Who has encountered such a thing? It's been going on for hours. Please help!

Issue Report


  • Operating System: Ubuntu Server 22.04
  • CPU Architecture: Intel Xeon E5 2666v3
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • Storage: 1.5T
  • Plot Size: 1T
  • Subspace Deployment Method: ./subspace-cli-ubuntu-x86_64-v2-v0.5.3-alpha-2


Steps to reproduce

  1. After installing and starting the farmer, the plotting process hangs up.
  2. Reinstalling the node does not help. What could be the problem?

Expected result

  • Expected outcome, successfully completed plotting process.

What happens instead

  • He’s hovering
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Hi, did you get past this? I have noticed that larger plots can sit for a while looking like the process has stalled but then it springs back into life.

I did a restart of farmer and noda and everything worked)

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