Farmer Gives Wrong Chain Error

What happened: Ive had to replot twice. The reason was the same both time, right after I upgraded the binaries. I made the mistake of running “./binary-name” only, without specifying my address or plot size, not even issued the “farm” command. Afterwards I issue the correct new command for the new binaries with needed flags, I get an alert along the lines of: merkle root wrong, you can not farm another networks plots. Ive been on 3g and receiving rewards since it launched, very annoying. If you need more info you can ping be on discord (fible1) general chat, my PMs are fully blocked. Thanks.

I’m not sure what we should do about it, looks like you’ve plotted for a different network and then started Gemini 3g node and farmer rightfully complained about it. What are you expectation here?

That is the isssue, you are incorrect. I have been farming on 3g, and 3g exclusively, also receiving 3g rewards since I set up this node. This node has ONLY mined on the 3g network. I have NOT set up any other subspace binaries on this node.

This happens every time I make the startup command mistake, EVEN when I have been running 3g and receiving rewards and I am just updating the binary to the latest release for 3g. There has been no mix up of binaries as this has happened multiple times already.

Which mistake? I do not understand what you are saying.

If you have started farmer with mismatching node it will complain about chain mismatch. Neither I nor farmer is wrong, you clearly did that. How you ended up in that situation I do not know, but if you tell what startup command mistakes you’re talking about I might be able to help.