Error: Database: ParityDb ...subspace-node/chains/subspace_gemini_3f/paritydb/full

Issue Report


  • Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS
  • subspace-node-ubuntu-x86_64-v2-gemini-3f-2023-oct-06
  • subspace-farmer-ubuntu-x86_64-skylake-gemini-3f-2023-oct-06


100% successfully plotting, but i have no reward with repeating error “Node is not synced Node is synced, resuming plotting” . After that i rebooted and now can`t start my node at all.

Database: ParityDb at /home/hteew/.local/share/subspace-node/chains/subspace_gemini_3f/paritydb/full    

What should i do?

After that Node was started, but i still have the sync error

The more interesting question is what you were doing before this error appeared. Because the first error says the database is already opened by another farmer and other logs seems to indicate some potential database corruption.

and what should i do to solve this issue?

If you had another farmer running then the easiest is to reboot the machine, that’ll definitely stop extra farmers.