Failed to start Subspaced Farm.

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  • CPU Architecture:
  • RAM:
  • Storage:
  • Plot Size:
  • Subspace Deployment Method:


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[Paste error here]

Looks like disk corruption, did your machine lose power last time?

No, I didn’t. It all started after the upgrade. Before that the node synchronized and brought already 0.3 tssc

Can you describe the upgrade process?

cd $HOME

systemctl stop subspaced subspaced-farmer

wget -O subspace-node

wget -O subspace-farmer

chmod +x subspace-node

chmod +x subspace-farmer

mv subspace-node /usr/local/bin/

mv subspace-farmer /usr/local/bin/

systemctl restart subspaced

Через 15-30 секунд

systemctl restart subspaced-farmer

Проверить логи ноды:

journalctl -u subspaced -f -o cat

Проверить логи фармера:

journalctl -u subspaced-farmer -f -o cat

This is not an official guide, not sure I can help you much there. Try contacting guide author and they should be able to help you with re-setup. I don’t think there is a way to fix corrupted database at the moment. I did report this upstream and we’ll try to prevent it from happening in the future.