Varification failed for block 33670 - Invalid solution range

Running CLI version of the software, as an archival node. Came home to see a bunch of broken hearts… Still not synced.

If i’m not mistaken, that was introduced to avoid a node to author their own block around that height, with the risk of embarking on their own fork.

I’m not sure if the solution is just wait till the node finds a peer with a canonical longer chain or something else. Tagging @nazar-pc

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Canonical chain has hash 0xa15a0bdb89a3f0febcd5ae1b688b1a4bdc4703efb1e1565fb196d3c3c1b4908b for block 33670, so some nodes tricked your node into non-canonical chain from where node refuses to continue. Reset should give you another chance to bypass that, but it is unlikely that the node will fix itself from here without reset.

You will need to wipe & purge your node & farmer before restarting them again.

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Well, tried using ‘trusted’ nodes.

I’m running this on a 10th gen i5 Intel NUC with 64 GB Ram, farming a 50G plot (on an external drive). Using the June 8th release.

I performed a chain purge and wipe, restarting with various trusted nodes provided to me.

Here’s a google doc of my logs: Subspace Test - Google Docs

I could copy/paste if it would be easier.

Basically - I’m getting that error with Block #33670

I’ve also tried restarting the node and farmer - still getting this.

There was a bug discovered in latest release affecting those who sync from scratch.
This will be fixed in the upcoming release later today.

For now workaround is to remove chains/subspace_gemini_1b/network/secret_ed25519 file and downgrade to june-05 release (or 0.6.3 desktop release if you used desktop). Once you cross block 33671 you can upgrade back to 08 or newer release.

Next release later today will handle this automatically.

Cool. I was worried that I was losing my mind, lolz. I had just finished another purge/wipe/restart using only trusted nodes - and at that block, got the hiccup.

Not that this is useful, sounds like the issue is being corrected, but in an effort to check myself - I taped the entire process: simplescreenrecorder 2022 06 09 18 46 11 - YouTube

I did notice the bps spike right before that block. Don’t know if that is of help or not.

Holy smokes - just crossed that filter… and the sync is flying.

Yeah, newer blocks are tiny :slightly_smiling_face: