Erreur after update v0.1.12

Issue Report


  • Operating System: ubuntu 20.4.6
  • CPU Architecture: 6 cpu
  • RAM: 8 gb
  • Storage: 200 gb
  • Plot Size: 100
  • Subspace Deployment Method: cli


Steps to reproduce

  1. journalctl -u subspaced -f -o cat | grep INFO

  2. sudo journalctl -fu subspaced -o cat | grep -E “best”

nothing happened

Expected result

see the good sync and increase the best finalized

What happens instead

after updated new version

[Paste error here]

root@vmi1059524:~# journalctl -u subspaced -f -o cat | grep INFO
2023-03-29T16:22:56.709165Z  INFO validate_config:parse_config: subspace_cli::config: close time.busy=57.3µs time.idle=1.87ms
2023-03-29T16:22:56.709218Z  INFO validate_config: subspace_cli::config: close time.busy=65.9µs time.idle=1.92ms

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its not clear this is an error, can you post the full logs?