Does the number of physical cores in the processor affect the number or size of farmers

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  • **Operating System:win10
  • Pulsar/Advanced CLI/Docker:


My configuration is AMD-7745HX, with 8 cores and 16 threads, and a 3X4T hard drive. How to draw a suitable graph? Each farmer should have 200GB and 54 farmers should be allocated, or each farmer should have 3600GB and 3 farmers should be allocated. Please guide me.Think You!

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One plot per drive is most efficient.
So 3 plots for your case.
Technically, it’s one farmer that will manage all three plots - you just need to start a single farmer and pass it in the three paths.

Sorry, I made a mistake in expressing myself. I was referring to the plot, which is 200GB * 18 plots per hard drive. When starting up the farmer, there was no mining, and the hard drives were not read or written. Now the plot is being redrawn, with 3600GB per hard drive.

To prevent confusion, it is better to use established terminology:

  • hard drives (HDDs) are NOT supported by Subspace, only solid state drives (SSDs) are supported
  • there is no “redrawing” process in Subspace, there is farming (auditing + proving) and plotting/replotting

This host is a 3 * 4T MVME and is currently in the drawing stage. Farmers are not working properly. The C drive has a small amount of read and write, while the D and E drives have no read and write at all. The other 5900x is working normally