How to tell if the farmer is working?

I’m running advanced CLI in windows. All I get is this screen below in the farmer. How to tell if it is actually working? The GPU is being used so I am assuming it is doing something but I have not won a block. Any ideas here? I feel like I’m running the node for no reason as I cant tell if the farmer is working.

Hello Punk.

Did you try checking your logs at ~/.local/share/subspace-cli/logs(for Linux and MacOs)

I’m on windows, using the advanced cli, I haven’t been able to find any logs. This is only when I don’t use --max-concurrent-plots. When I do try to use that flag all my connections close. Do you think this is related in some way or 2 different issues?

This is an expected warning during this phase, this is nothing to be worried about in itself, generally this should resolve as peers open up and become available to your node.

do you have port 30333 & 30433 open?

this could definitely be related to --max-concurrent-plots issue you also posted

I did open the 3 ports from the guide in windows firewall. I dont have a router or anything so I think that should do it.

Does this look right? Incoming TCP ports?

I think we got you sorted in Discord in the end? The problem was port forwarding related? How to Forward Ports | Farm from Anywhere

I hope so, I’ll be able to test once the chain is synced again.