Recommended Setup for 2nd farmer

I currently have one node and farmer (advanced) running on one PC with 16 TB worth of plots. I have another 80 TB of SSD’s that I want to start plotting on and they need to run from several additional PC’s. I have been trying to figure out how to setup additional farmer processes on additional PC’s and point them back to the same node.

My first attempt was to either use the --rpc-external or --unsafe-rpc-external (have to remove validator on the first one and not sure of that impact). I then opened that port up in the firewall on the node PC to allow connections to my local subnet. When doing this I had two issues. #1 was that when the remote farmer tried to connect (using --node-rpc-url ws:// it would get a connection rejected with status code 403. #2 was that when the farmer on the PC running the node spun up, I would get various network related error messages and farming would never start. I forgot to get screenshots of those messages.

When posting this in discord it was recommended that I come here and make a post and that it might not be the best idea to run a farmer without a node due to latency issues. If that is the case, then I guess I would need to know the best way to run a second (or third/fourth) on the same network. I would think that I would want to limit the connections to just the other node.

What is recommended?

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Hey @nazar-pc would be curious to hear your thoughts here. From what I remember you mentioned that running the farmer on a separate PC likely would have too much latency, but wanted to get your confirmation as I know much as changed since we last discussed this issue

--validator in this case means block producers (we’ll rename it to something better in Improve subspace-node CLI · Issue #1727 · subspace/subspace · GitHub), so if you want to farm, you definitely need it.

Generally I’d recommend you to run separate nodes for separate farmers locally as that is the most reliable and safest way.

However, if you have to connect to another machine, add --rpc-external --rpc-methods unsafe to allow it to work, you can see that from example of Docker setup in official docs where farmer container has to use non-localhost to connect to the node: Advanced CLI | Farm from Anywhere