Discord FAQ Commands

We have created a few commands to help with frequently asked questions in Discord. To use these simply type ! then the command ex: !faq-node-setup.

Here is a list of our first commands:


There are two ways to run a Subspace farmer node: CLI (terminal) or Subspace Desktop (GUI). - CLI → subspace/farming.md at main · subspace/subspace · GitHub - GUI → GitHub - subspace/subspace-desktop: A simple desktop farmer for the Subspace Network If you encounter a technical issue, please search for previously asked similar questions first. If you cannot find any reference, feel free to post the question in the tech-support channel.


The early tester reward is not limited to the first 5,000 participants but is open to anyone who is able to run an active farmer node and successfully sign blocks during the stress test period. The stress test period doesn’t have a definitive end date, it could last a few weeks. We will definitely send out an official announcement in advance of the ending. It is fair to assume the stress test is still ongoing until we officially announce the end date. Thank you for being part of this amazing community


If you are running the node via CLI, you should have specified an external reward address via the command .\FARMER_FILE_NAME.exe farm --reward-address WALLET_ADDRESS. Please ensure you save the mnemonic for that account. The identity view --address returns a pre-generated account, it is useful only if you didn’t specify a separate reward address during your initial setup. We expect to phase out the need to pull identity view --address in future updates. For Desktop Farmer users, you should have seen the mnemonic provided during the initial setup process. If you forgot to save it or have lost it, you can generate a new reward account by clicking on the Reset option in the setting (gear icon) of the GUI.


You can check the current number of active nodes on our telemetry portal https://telemetry.subspace.network/ The telemetry portal is just a traditional dashboard setup (web2). Please be aware sometimes it might be down due to server overload like any web portal, so it is not indicative of the health of the Subspace Network.


The minimum suggested hardware requirements for the current testnet: 2 dedicated CPU cores, 2GB RAM, 50GB disk space.

These commands have also been translated to other languages that our community requests. For now the only supported language is Russian, but soon we will have support for Chinese, Spanish, German, Korean, Ukranian, and Vietnamese.

To use the command simply add the country code at the end of the command text. Using Russian for example you would type !faq-node-setup-ru or !faq-st-5000-ru to get the correct translation.

Thank you for your great contribution!