A simple index for all questions(up to 05-28-2022)

A simple index for all questions(up to 05-28-2022), sorted by types of questions from installing, running and checking rewards/balance of Subspace.

Hope it can offer you a better reading and de-bugging experience.

1.Installing/joining Subspace

What are the minimum requirements for running a Subspace Node?

How can I participate in the Subspace Network?

Latest release of Subspace Desktop app

Error importing block 0x0000…: Err(UnknownParent)

Docker Error: ‘type’ is a required property

Error: Error in the WebSocket handshake: os error 104

Change port 9944

Error when opening the TCP socket: Connection refused (os error 111)

Error: failed to create symbolic link ‘/usr/bin/docker-compose’: File exists

Error: –chain is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function

Docker-composer.yml: services.farmer.depends_on contains an invalid type, it should be an array

Error: The Compose file ‘./docker-compose.yml’ is invalid because: services.node.volume

2.Running Subspace node/farmer

Error when opening the TCP socket

Subspace Desktop Windows plotting time

Desktop app can’t connect to the client

Node Terminal Stuck at “Idle”

Failed to get block # from RPC: Request Timeout

How do I restart the node?

How can I view data on my nodes?

Time to farm a block

Subspace Desktop app is showing status: Synced and farming, however it still shows 0 Farmed Blocks

Error: kind: StorageFull, message: “No space left on device”

x Error while dialing /dns/telemetry.polkadot.io/tcp/443/x-parity-wss/submit: Custom { kind: Other, error: Timeout }

Why can’t I see my node in telemetry?

Multi-threaded server is not available on Windows. Falling back to single thread

Broken_heart Error importing block 0x0000…: Block has an unknown parent

Error: Database version cannot be read from existing db_version file

How to check if the block I farmed is being included in the chain?

Error: Invalid argument: Column families not opened:

When node & server is running Wifi starts dropping out for all devices on network

Error missing field executionChainSpec line 114

3.Checking rewards/balance

How can I tell if I’ve won a block?

Error: FATAL: Unable to initialize the API: createType(ChainProperties)

Error: Address already in use (os error 98)

Farmed By Address is Different from Reward Address

Сoin disappeared from wallet balance

Check balance of Subspace Credits

Value of testnetSSC

Subspace Wallet?

Farmer Feedback: No rewards?

I do not see Subspace Testnet as an option on Polkadot.js

How will token rewards incentivize regular folks to find an old HD to farm?

What’s the solid proof of successfully participated subspace stress testnet?


Where is the farming data stored?

What is the difference between test-rpc & farm-rpc networks?

What is the difference between Farmers and Executors? who gets Transaction fees?

Incentivized testnet requirements

What factors impact the success rate of farming SSC?

Discord FAQ Commands

How many active nodes would Subspace need to someday be viable at an AWS level?

How will Subspace entice early developers to come aboard, knowing they are paying the highest price for storage?

Want to ask a question? Read Me!

The replication factor is determined by means of checking the entire blockchain for the similarity of tags? Who is doing this?

Subspace Forum Rules


Thank you Chainguys I’m sure this will be helpful!