Can Subspace team elaborate how Subspace can get rid of pool?

From the conversation on Discord, we all know that Subspace targets to get rid of pooling to reach the goal of decentralization.

I know vote reward, in which everyone has 10x higher probability to win reward is a thing, but it will be overridden if netspace grows 10x more. And this is more impact to the farmer’s willing to keep farming subspace solo, not something technical that pool cannot be implemented in subspace. So my question is, besides the vote reward, does Subspace have any other effective tools to eliminate pool effectively?


Vote reward is a stopgap, it will eventually be removed and replaced with further network scalability solution that will increase additional rewards more than 10x. You can read about Prism mentioned on Subspace Network Technology about an intuition behind further scaling (though it is not finalized and definitely not implemented yet).

That said, even if space pledged increases 10x further, even small farmers will likely get one or a few rewards per week, which is a fair frequency on a huge network.

Thank you. So I will take that technically pool still can exist and operate, but likely it won’t attract many farmers.

Exactly! While pool can technically exist, ideally it would make little sense for farmers to join it if they can run node and farmer independently and still get their rewards regularly. This is part of the reason why we improve farming software all the time.

One possible problem with solo farmer, especially small farmers when they join late is the node sync. So kindly consider to provide the official node db snapshot during mainnet.

I’m also not sure if pool can somehow share the piece of blockchain history to farmer to download quickly. Not sure if the protocol can eliminate this behavior.

We also see in chia (noSSD) and spacemesh (H9) that the pool offers a more effective plotting tool to attract farmers to pledge their storage to it, so I do hope Subspace official plotting tool will be pretty much optimized.

This is not as secure and not as convenient as Faster way to sync non-archival nodes · Issue #2507 · subspace/subspace · GitHub that we already work on.

I believe we’ll tune networking performance to a decent level without compromising on security or trusting third-party.

We’re working on this all the time, feedback is always welcome.

May I know the development around this solution? Subspace with vote reward is unique, but it’ll be much helpful if it cannot be adjusted dynamically to the rise of netspace.

I hope to have a positive update soon.