Describe the best of Subspace in 100 words

As far as I know, subspace aimed to have the most decentralized network with block-time only 6 seconds. But it doesn’t sound impressive if I want to tell my friends about Subspace?

So in short, what else should I tell them about Subspace in the most friendly way? Give me some short outlines please.


Subspace Network has many sides, but let me give it a shot.
First of all, we stand by being the blockchain to resolve the security-scalability-decentralization trilemma (and we can formally prove it!). The transaction throughput will scale with the number of nodes, as will the security and the decentralization.
For farmers, it’s easy to participate with no investment or stake required and just farm on whatever free SSD space one has. No extra unfarmable hundreds of gigabytes are required for a node. You can resize your farm anytime if you need your disk space back or would like to allocate more. I personally run a farmer on a Macbook I use for work and barely even notice it.
For developers, Subspace aims to provide a seamless experience with popular execution frameworks and the freedom to tailor to the custom needs of their apps. We already support Ethereum Virtual Machine, and WASM (Cosmos, NEAR) is also coming. We don’t believe in “one blockchain to rule them all” but aim to enable the integration and cooperation of a flourishing multi-chain ecosystem.
@Jim-Subspace anything you would like to add from your experience with the community?


Oh, I’ve been called out here eh @dariolina :slight_smile:

OK, I’ll go with what first pops into my head. I like bullets.

  • Eco Friendly
    • Our energy efficient PoAS consensus is at the core of everything we aim to achieve.
  • Inclusive
    • We pride ourselves on Subspace’s low barriers to entry for farming which strengthens the consensus.
  • Infinitely Scalable
    • The way we have structured domains allows us to spin execution environments up and tear them down with a transaction. There is no imposed limit on the number that can be supported. The possibilities are, quite literally, limitless.
  • Community
    • Together we are strong and our active, dedicated community is the jewel in our crown. We appreciate you!
    • We have a wonderful Ambassador Program with generous rewards allocated. If you are excited by the project and can commit a modest amount of time, please apply when we announce the next cohort intake.
    • We are working on our plan to progressively decentralise governance of the project. The Subspace Foundation has been created to facilitate the initiative. This puts the future direction in the community’s hands. It is early days yet but the wheels are turning and we will be sharing our plans in more detail when the time is right.

My advice is for you and your friends to jump into our Discord server where you’ll see a real cross-section of society and find all sorts of interesting conversations going on.

Great question!


Thank you Jim. I’m already in the Discord. Thanks for your answers, it helped me to understand more about Subspace and its direction or potential. But looks like these are not points that set Subspace different from all other projects.

Well, I could argue that our consensus is pretty unique but I get where you’re coming from.

Maybe your friends would be interested to hear about Subspace’s strategic direction and an interesting use case for our execution environments. Luckily, our founders dropped some BIG updates on our launch party call yesterday. If you get a chance, check Jeremiah’s section in this video (it’s at the start and lasts ~15 minutes), I would love to hear your feedback.

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Don’t get me wrong Jim. I like subspace, it has many advantages if we go for a peer to peer review with other blockchains. I just want to figure out a ‘unique’ feature, something different, unique that subspace will bring to the world.

But if we don’t, I think if subspace is more advanced than other PoW blockchains in one or two aspects, it’d be great already.

Yes I was also in community call yesterday, the strategic directions are great.