Can set up farm to connect to specified farm on internal network?

Suppose I have 10 computers. If every computer runs a farm and directly connects to the internet, then the overall setup will consume a lot of upstream bandwidth, putting too much pressure on the bandwidth.

I’m wondering if, like other blockchains, it’s possible to use internal network communication. This could greatly reduce the amount of upstream bandwidth usage.

Is there a way to achieve the functionality shown in this image, where only one machine connects to the internet and the other machines connect to this one, thus saving a lot of bandwidth?

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Reference implementation does not and will not support this with high probability.

However, farmer is also a library and there are even lower-level components below it that can be re-purposed. So it is 100% possible to build a custom farmer that has one network connection and connects to local sub-farmers to make them share data with each other and collect results of their work. Kind of like local independent farming pool where you don’t have to trust or rely on any third-party.

I don’t think we have a capacity to build that any time soon, all spare time I spend on Space Acres, but it is definitely possible and would likely qualify for Contribution Contest too!

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Created an issue on GitHub: Farming supervisor and sub-farmer · Issue #2402 · subspace/subspace · GitHub

Very cool planning, unfortunately, I am not a programmer. I can only help you with some tests that I know how to do.