Thread 'plotting-1.1' panicked

thread 'plotting-1.1' panicked at crates/subspace-proof-of-space/src/chiapos/
index out of bounds: the len is 15113 but the index is 18446744073019990790
note: run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` environment variable to display a backtrace
Error: Background task plotting-1 panicked

That index looks a bit large I would say.

Is this issue replicating or just a one off runtime? I would be curious what the rust backtrace may say to help the devs pinpoint where this error is coming from. (See this thread here for tips on this)

Can you provide some system specifications on the farmer in which this error occured? Particularly interested in cpu, ram, & ssd size, and plot size etc.

Happened for the first time. I have been running this system on and off for some time now. Might be just a glitch. RAM is pretty tight with 6400MHz and CL32 @ 64GB. So might be a bit flip or whatever.

AMD 7950X (no OC)
64GB DDR5-6400MHz CL32 (XMP profile, no OC)
4TB NVMe with following plots:

path=/media/max/NVME0/plot0,size=1000GiB \
path=/media/max/NVME0/plot4,size=2000GiB \

As long as this doesn’t happen again and not reported by anyone else, I guess it’s not an issue. Just wanted to report it here in case anyone else had this as well but ignored it.

After farmer restart no issues. I’ve set RUST_BACKTRACE=1 in case it ever happens again.

Duplicate of both Index out of bounds and Chia Pos Plotting Error?

Indication of unstable hardware, typically RAM. Subspace can be quite intense and uncovers instabilities that might otherwise result in very rare glitches that you would write off on solar flares.

Can this potentially ruin the whole block or even the plot?

It can result in broken sector plotted, but if your computer reads different data from RAM comparing to what was written, results of what computer does are quite literally unpredictable and broken sector (that can be fixed with scrub) is the least of your problems.

Agree. There might actually be many more errors which stay under radar like wrong FP operations which are not as easily caught as out-of-bound errors.
I’ll try to bump the RAM voltage slightly. It’s quite low anyways, something like 1.135V which is really not a lot considering the clocks of these particular RAM sticks.