Question about telemetry connections

“TelemetryEndpoints” refers to how node information is collected through WebSockets (WS). It seems that “ChainSpec” is used to collect data for telemetry via a WebSocket. I would like to know the specific implementation of “TelemetryEndpoints new”.

It appears that in the ‘plot sector’, a specific area is drawn by passing a sector index. Is it possible for two NUMAs to draw simultaneously by assigning different sector indexes?

Telemetry information is indeed sent to a server via WebSockets to telemetry server, we’re using a fork of Substrate telemetry with better scalability/performance: GitHub - subspace/substation: Polkadot Telemetry service

TelemetryEndpoints just constructs a new endpoint with some URL and level of details of the information sent to telemetry server.

Sector questions seems to be completely unrelated to telemetry though, please create separate topic for separate questions, don’t dump all of them into the same thread, this is not a great way to use forum if someone wants to find things later. Better create separate topics, each with appropriate title.