I can’t see my nodes on the telemetry

Issue Report

I can’t see my nodes on the Telemetry


  • **Operating System:Windows
  • **CPU Architecture:X86 64 bits (Ryzen 9 3900x)
  • **RAM:64GB
  • **Storage:2TB for dockker
  • **Plot Size:100GB
  • **Subspace Deployment Method:Docker


Steps to reproduce

  1. spawn a node on Docker desktop
  2. Wait until full sync
  3. can’t see my node on telemetry ( filtered over my name id but didn’t find anything ) The6th_pod1 , The6th_pod2 …

Expected result

find my nodes

What happens instead

I don’t find my nodes

[Paste error here]

Hey @Sami_Slimani I can see your nodes rn

You can find them here: Subspace Telemetry

I see them, dunno it wasn’t before
Thanks man

Also, the telemetry is a little bad right now