Gemini III Non-Incentivized Testnet Update: Invitation to Join Gemini 3d on Wednesday, April 19

We are excited to share several important updates for Gemini III!

From genesis, the core contributors of the Subspace Network have been committed to developing a community-first ecosystem that is truly owned and operated by our farmers. A key factor in realizing this goal is our unwavering dedication to maintaining complete transparency throughout all our operations.

Gemini III represents a significant milestone in our development roadmap as it undergoes critical upgrades to mimic Mainnet Beta. As a result, testing in this phase may take longer than it did in previous phases, possibly up to a couple of months. We want to emphasize that Gemini 3d remains non-incentivized, exclusively designed for testing purposes. Our primary objective is to allow our core contributors to debug issues and closely monitor the network to prepare for a wider release.

As stated in our initial announcement, Gemini III will comprise a series of permissionless test networks, each with evolving features as we move through various iterations. While our ultimate goal is to ensure a seamless experience for our farmers, it’s important to acknowledge that there will be a significant number of bugs, sync times will be slow, and there will be several breaking changes as we continue to develop and enhance the codebase. This is an exciting opportunity for our early adopters though - our farmers play an integral role in our success, as each contribution shapes the development of the Subspace Network in these early stages.

For the official documentation on how to get started farming, please visit: Simple CLI (Recommended) | Farm from Anywhere

With that said, we are delighted to share the details of the latest iteration, Gemini 3d:

Archiving Upgraded

In Gemini 3d, Subspace Archiving has undergone significant upgrades to align with the specifications outlined in dilithium. These upgrades incorporate KZG commitment and erasure coding, which guarantee that the history pieces were erasure coded correctly and are recoverable on request. For the full technical details, check out the resources below:

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Subspace Episode I

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Subspace Episode II

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Subspace Episode III

Domains & Cross-Domain Messaging Enabled

While some of these upgrades are not currently visible from the perspective of our farmers, we have enabled domains and cross-domain messaging in Gemini 3d. Domains may be understood as application-specific blockchains that are anchored into and validated by the Subspace Network. In the background, the core contributors are currently testing the implementations for system domains, core payments, cross-domain messaging, and more. We plan to release more details on Subspace Domains in the coming months once we finalize the formal specifications.

As you can see, we are actively working on numerous critical upgrades to the Subspace Network blockchain, and naturally, these upgrades require breaking evolution. Therefore, we want to ensure that everyone is prepared for what is ahead so that we can navigate this journey together as we work to stabilize the network.

*There are breaking changes in Gemini 3d so everyone must wipe and restart when transitioning from Gemini 3c. We highly recommend everyone to join Gemini 3d during our Launch Party on Wednesday. Please note support for Gemini 3c will discontinue on April 26, 2023.

:partying_face: Launch Party feat. Deep Dive into Dilithium: Subspace Consensus v2

We’re having a launch party for Gemini 3d this Wednesday! :fire:

To celebrate, we are hosting a launch party to dive into Dilithium, Subspace Consensus v2, and bootstrap Gemini 3d together. We have an exciting program for the launch party that you do not want to miss :partying_face:

:dizzy: Our Research Engineer, Dariia Porechna, and Senior Research Partner, Dr. Chen Feng, will present Dilithium, Subspace Consensus v2

:gemini: We will then go over how to set up a farmer for Gemini 3d

The launch party will take place in our Discord server in an effort to bootstrap Gemini 3d together. Our launch parties are great for everyone to connect with the core contributors and learn how to farm on the Subspace Network - live!

Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Time: 4 pm UTC

Place: Subspace Network Discord

Our Technical Support Channels:
:small_blue_diamond: Step 1: Visit the Subspace Network forum ( and search for the issue you’re facing to see if a solution has been presented.
:small_blue_diamond: Step 2: Discord is a great place to get quick responses from our ambassadors and other community members. We encourage everyone to leverage our Discord server for peer-to-peer support.
:small_blue_diamond: Step 3: If your question needs more attention and you notice other people asking the same question in Discord, and there is no solution in the knowledge base, please escalate the issue by posting in the Subspace Network Forum.


Hi team ,

Thank for your mail ! I can’t waiting new update :partying_face::pray:.

So much problem with 3c ! I just want new update with right plot and no mistake . Because already restarts 4 times my node for 0 result . I hope that synchronised going to restart . I want to install 3D from 0 and not do update because 3c it’s not working . 100 % full space and 0 TSSC !

Best regards ,

Very good. We’ll be waiting on Discord.