Gemini III Update: Gemini 3f Non-Incentivized Testnet is LIVE!

We’re happy to share that a new iteration of the Gemini III Testnet is now LIVE! Gemini 3f will commence as a non-incentivized test-only environment, enabling our core contributors to perform further testing and monitoring. We ask for your understanding as there may be bugs, slow sync times, and additional breaking changes as the core contributors continue to innovate and refine our codebase.

Upon confirming Gemini 3f stability, we anticipate initiating the incentivized testnet phase on the network.

Building upon the successes and lessons of Gemini 3e, Gemini 3f brings several considerable enhancements over its predecessor. Gemini 3f contains key upgrades and improvements based on our community’s feedback, including, but not limited to:

  • DSN syncing implemented and enabled by default. This means nodes can be pruned as they can sync history from the DSN rather than each other.
  • Farmer plot resizing.
  • Domains, including an EVM domain runtime.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Sector expiry and replotting.
  • Farming command structure changes on the advanced CLI.
  • A number of bug fixes.

The network will start distributing TSSCs when we activate the incentivized phase of the testnet. That means, until then, you will not receive any TSSCs.

Dilithium, Subspace Consensus v2
Building upon the successes and lessons of Gemini 3e, Gemini 3f brings several considerable enhancements over its predecessor. The primary aim is to test the efficiency and robustness of our Subspace v2 consensus, Dilithium when deployed on a larger scale. For more details on Dilithium, check out The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Subspace blog series.

Subspace Domains v2
Domains, as a part of the Subspace Network, can be conceptualized as application-specific blockchains that are securely anchored to and validated by the core network. Domains will enable Subspace to empower builders across various ecosystems to build better (cheaper, faster, more securely) within their own sovereign rollup. While these activities may not be visible from a farmer’s perspective, the core contributors are rigorously testing domains in the background.

With that said, thank you to everyone in our community. With your help, we are getting closer and closer to the incentivized testnet! The key to a swift progression lies in the hands of the dedicated farmers in our ecosystem. Everyone’s active involvement in detecting and resolving issues on the Gemini 3f Testnet will act as a driving force, speeding our journey toward the incentivized phase.

Thank you, and we look forward to welcoming more farmers to Gemini 3f!

Recommended Minimum Hardware Setup
CPU: 4 Core+
RAM: Rec. 8 GB+
Storage: 100 GB+ SSD

To start farming, visit:
Pulsar (Recommended) : Pulsar (Recommended) | Farm from Anywhere
Advanced CLI : Advanced CLI | Farm from Anywhere

:bangbang: IMPORTANT: There are breaking changes. Please run the wipe command before getting started.


Subspace Telemetry

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PolkadotJs Explorer (RPC)

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